• Watch the 'Mindhunter' star who plays the show's spookiest serial killer go from 'nice guy' to sociopath

    8 monthes ago - By Business Insider

    Netflix's true-crime inspired drama "Mindhunter" features several actors playing real serial killers .
    The breakout star of the series is Cameron Britton, an actor tasked with bringing the real "Co-ed Killer" Ed Kemper to the life on screen.
    In a new video released by Netflix, Britton explains his process for getting into the role.
    As Britton speaks, we see him shave his beard into Kemper's signature mustache.
    "When I'm getting into character with Ed, it's funny - I can get the hair straightened and clip the mustache, put on the clothes, throw on the boots, and even change my voice, it's...
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