• Years after regulatory crackdown, some security cameras still open to hackers

    One year ago - By Washington Post

    Cybersecurity start-up claims flaws allow access to people's video feeds
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  • TRENDnet Cameras Still Have Gaping Security Holes, 3 Years After FTC Settlement

    One year ago - By Fortune

    A bird's-eye view of a playground. The inside of a convenience store. The entrance to a home.
    All of these scenes, recorded live by Internet-connected surveillance cameras, have been open to snooping by even the most novice hackers, say researchers at Refirm Labs, a new startup founded by ex-National Security Agency workers. Anyone could remotely view these and scores of other remote locales through a vulnerability affecting certain surveillance cameras manufactured by TRENDnet, a California-based gadget-maker, they said.
    Refirm is set to disclose this and other critical vulnerabilities...
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