• Someone in Silicon Valley is renting a studio apartment for $1,500 a month just for his two cats

    6 monthes ago - By Business Insider

    A Silicon Valley landlord is renting his San Jose studio apartment to a pair of cats, whose owner couldn't keep them in his own apartment, according to a San Jose Mercury News report on Sunday.
    Rent for the cats is $1,500 per month.
    “Basically I've got two renters that don't have opposable thumbs,” the landlord said.
    Rental prices in Silicon Valley have skyrocketed to some of the highest in the country, as troves of tech workers have made the move with grand dreams of cashing in on the next big thing. Now, prospective renters may have to start competing for the limited amount of housing...
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  • A Silicon Valley Studio Apartment Is Being Rented to Two Cats

    A Silicon Valley Studio Apartment Is Being Rented to Two Cats

    6 monthes ago - By Fortune

    Just when you think things can't get any weirder in Silicon Valley, someone goes and rents an apartment to a pair of cats.
    Louise and Tina are the feline tenants of a 425-square-foot studio in San Jose. They pay $1,500 per month for rent in the apartment that includes a bathroom, sink, and television, ABC & News reports.
    If nothing else, they're good negotiators. The average studio in that city goes for about $1,900 per month.
    The cats belong to Victoria Amith, an Azusa Pacific University student who's the friend of the landlord's daughter. As she was leaving for college, her father was...
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