• Family claims their Echo sent a private conversation to a random contact

    7 monthes ago - By Tech Crunch

    A Portland family tells KIRO news that their Echo recorded and then sent a private conversation to someone on its list of contacts without telling them. Amazon called it an “extremely rare occurrence.”
    Portlander Danielle said that she got a call from one of her husband's employees one day telling her to “unplug your Alexa devices right now,” and suggesting she'd been hacked. He said that he had received recordings of the couple talking about hardwood floors, which Danielle confirmed.
    Amazon, when she eventually got hold of the company, had an engineer check the logs, and he apparently...
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  • A Woman Claims Her Amazon Alexa Device Recorded a Conversation and Shared It With a Random Friend

    7 monthes ago - By Fortune

    An Oregon woman says her Amazon Alexa device recorded a private conversation and shared it with a random contact of hers in Seattle, local TV news station KIRO 7 reports.
    The incident came to light two weeks ago, when the Portland-area woman who identified herself as ‘Danielle' received a call from one of her husband's Seattle-based employees, who told her to unplug her Alexa devices immediately.
    “He had received audio files - recordings - from what was going on in our house,” said Danielle, who was interviewed on camera by KIRO, but asked the news outlet not to use her last name.
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  • Family claims Amazon Echo recorded their private conversation, sent it to random person

    7 monthes ago - By Fast Company

    “I felt invaded,” one of the family members said. “A total privacy invasion. Immediately I said, ‘I'm never plugging that device in again, because I can't trust it.'”
    When Amazon added the ability to send text messages from Echo speakers and other Alexa devices, it came with a major and fairly obvious flaw : Instead of reading back the message for confirmation, Alexa just sends it off straight away. To make matters worse, Amazon also attaches a link to the recorded audio , so the recipient can listen to the whole thing.
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  • An Amazon Echo recorded a family's conversation, then sent it to a random person in their contacts, report says

    7 monthes ago - By Washington Post

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  • A couple says that Amazon's Alexa recorded a private conversation and randomly sent it to a friend

    A couple says that Amazon's Alexa recorded a private conversation and randomly sent it to a friend

    7 monthes ago - By Business Insider

    A Portland, OR, couple claimed that their Alexa devices in their home recorded a private conversation between them and sent it to their friend in Seattle 176 miles away.
    Originally reported by KIRO-TV , the incident occurred about two weeks ago.
    The woman told KIRO-TV that the device had not audibly advised her that it was recording her conversation and sending it out.
    A couple in Portland, OR, claimed that a speaker in their home, powered by the Amazon Alexa smart voice assistant, recorded a private conversation and sent the recording to a friend.
    Originally reported by KIRO-TV ,the...
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