• U.S. budget deficit jumps to record $1.7 trillion this year

    1 month ago - By CNBC

    The deficit has been driven higher by trillions of dollars in support Congress has passed in successive rescue packages since the pandemic struck.
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  • $1.9 Trillion in Stimulus Is Kicking Off a Dollar Rally

    $1.9 Trillion in Stimulus Is Kicking Off a Dollar Rally

    1 month ago - By Wall Street Daily

    Markets are all about expectations...
    There's a glaring example happening right now.
    Washington, D.C. recently passed a massive $1.9 trillion stimulus package. Outside of last year's COVID relief bill, it's the largest in our country's history.
    There's a wave of new dollars flowing into the economy as we speak. Stimulus checks are hitting American bank accounts, and government spending will almost certainly reach a new high in 2021.
    Despite all of that, the U.S. dollar has reversed its recent decline and is poised for a rally higher.
    How is that possible? It's simple... Markets are all...
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