• A Google programmer just published a book of hilarious cartoons that shows what it's really like to work at the search giant

    9 monthes ago - By Business Insider

    Google employees could probably use a good laugh about now.
    In recent weeks, President Donald Trump and his political allies have accused the company of trying to undermine political discourse. Earlier this year, thousands of Google employees protested the company's work with the military and later the possibility that managers may launch a censored search engine in China.
    "Goomics," a new book that satirizes the company's corporate culture, may provide the right amount of comic relief.
    Emmanuel "Manu" Cornet , a Google software engineer, artist and musician, is the book's author and...
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  • How to Use Google's New Free-to-Use Tool to Boost Your SEO

    How to Use Google's New Free-to-Use Tool to Boost Your SEO

    9 monthes ago - By Business 2 Community

    In the world of SEO, when Google announces a major update, your SEO plan can only sink or swim .
    In similar fashion to their recent update to AdWords and Google My Business, Google is in the process of redesigning their data collection platform: Google Search Console. Throughout 2018, Google is sending out Google Search Console reports directly to all webmasters to refresh them on website crawling errors that may be negatively affected in Google Search results.
    In the search marketing world, history proves that when Google invests heavy resources into innovating one of their products...
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