• Fed's Powell says decades-long trend of weak inflation likely won't change from new stimulus - at least not immediately

    9 days ago - By Business Insider

    Summary List Placement Additional fiscal stimulus is expected to lift inflation, but the quarter-century trend of weak price growth will likely remain intact, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said Tuesday.
    With Democrats plowing forward with efforts to pass a $1.9 trillion stimulus plan, the focus has shifted from the package's elements to its effect on inflation. Where Democrats argue the measure is necessary to fill the hole in the US economy , Republicans have warned the bill will overfill the hole and kickstart a worrying rise in inflation.
    Several factors stand to accelerate price...
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  • Fed Chair Powell Says Digital Dollar Is A ‘High Priority Project'

    Fed Chair Powell Says Digital Dollar Is A ‘High Priority Project'

    9 days ago - By Forbes

    Major companies like Tesla and BlackRock are also dipping their toes into crypto.
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  • Fed's Powell Says Inflation And Employment Remain Low, Signals No Policy Changes Any Time Soon

    10 days ago - By Forbes

    The economic rebound has a long way to go, the Federal Reserve chair said.
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  • Powell says inflation is still 'soft' and the Fed is committed to current policy stance

    10 days ago - By CNBC

    Powell said price pressures remain mostly muted and the economic outlook is still "highly uncertain."
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