• Ex-Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer's Sunshine startup has launched an AI-powered app to help people keep their contacts organized

    9 days ago - By Business Insider

    Marissa Mayer in 2015.
    Elijah Nouvelage/Reuters
    Marissa Mayer launched an AI app called Sunshine Contacts as part of her first venture since stepping down as CEO and president of Yahoo in 2017, when Verizon bought it for $4.48 billion.
    Sunshine said it plans to launch a series of products intended to "free up time" for users.
    Sunshine Contacts uses artificial intelligence to rearrange address books, remove duplicate contacts, and keep contact info up to date.
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    Ex-Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer on Wednesday launched an AI app called Sunshine...
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  • Marissa Mayer wants to clean up your contacts, and that's just for starters

    9 days ago - By Fast Company

    Working with longtime colleague Enrique Muñoz Torres, the Google and Yahoo vet is launching Sunshine, a little company with big ambitions.
    Marissa Mayer shoves her iPhone toward her MacBook's webcam until it overwhelms the screen on the Google Meet video call we are sharing.
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  • Marissa Mayer's startup launches its first official product, Sunshine Contacts

    Marissa Mayer's startup launches its first official product, Sunshine Contacts

    9 days ago - By Tech Crunch

    Former Yahoo CEO and early Google employee Marissa Mayer's startup Lumi Labs is today rebranding to Sunshine and releasing its first official product. Its new app, Sunshine Contacts, aims to be a better tool for organizing, updating and sharing contact information with others. In time, the company envisions a portfolio of consumer-facing applications that simplify common tasks in areas like events, organization, family sharing, scheduling and more.
    Founded in 2018 by Mayer and fellow Yahoo and Google vet Enrique Muñoz Torres, Lumi Labs has been focused on using sophisticated technologies...
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