• Do I need to subscribe to see the Olympics? Here's how to watch the 2021 games in Tokyo

    2 days ago - By Fast Company

    Here's a quick-and-dirty cheatsheet for Olympics fans who want to watch or stream the 2021 Tokyo Games.
    Prepare yourself for a couple weeks of spoilers: The Olympics are already up and running , and due to our time difference with Japan, many finals will take place while you're hitting snooze in the morning. If you don't want to know the outcomes, avoid media as best you can until NBC's evening rebroadcasts and preemptively tell your friends to zip it.
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  • Tokyo Summer Olympics Viewing Guide: How To Watch The Must-See Events

    2 days ago - By Forbes

    If you're looking to catch a glimpse of the high-profile athletes at the Tokyo Olympics, here are the major events in each sport to watch for.
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