• SHUTDOWN STANDSTILL: The government shutdown enters a record 22nd day as Trump, Democrats continue to battle over the border wall and 800,000 workers go without pay

    6 monthes ago - By Business Insider

    The government shutdown entered day 22 at midnight Eastern Time, setting the record for the longest shutdown of the modern budgeting era.
    The shutdown surpassed the 21-day shutdown of 1995 and 1996 as the longest ever.
    The shutdown does not appear to be close to ending as President Donald Trump and Democrats remain dug in to their positions on the president's request for $5 billion to build a US-Mexico border wall.
    The shutdown has also left 800,000 federal workers with no paychecks.
    Airport security, food inspections, mortgage services, national parks, and more are being affected by the...
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  • About 30 government workers got paid by mistake Friday - but not for long

    About 30 government workers got paid by mistake Friday - but not for long

    6 monthes ago - By Washington Post

    As hundreds of thousands of federal workers fretted about how they will pay bills amid the government shutdown, the missed paychecks turned out to be particularly cruel for nearly three dozen employees at one obscure government agency.
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  • Federal Workers: How to Protect Your Finances During the Government Shutdown

    6 monthes ago - By Mint

    If you're a furloughed government employee, you are likely feeling a good deal of stress and uncertainty about how to manage your finances during the government shutdown. While missing a paycheck is a financial moment no one wants to experience, there are many ways you can keep your financial health intact. There's no need to panic just yet: use this time to take stock of the situation with these five steps.
    Determine your priority payments - and pick up the phone
    To start, take stock of your current financial responsibilities. Figure out what bills need to be paid now and what can wait...
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