• The stock market will surge 26% next year as it has 'one of the best setups' in years, JPMorgan says

    5 days ago - By Business Insider

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    The stock market is primed to surge in 2021 as key risks like the US election and COVID-19 pandemic begin to subside, according to a note from JPMorgan.
    "The equity market has one of the best setups for sustained gains in year," JPMorgan said.
    The bank expects the S&P 500 to surge 26% to 4,500 by the end of 2021, according to the note.
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    US stocks are set to surge next year as key risks that investors faced in 2020 subside, according to a Thursday note from JPMorgan's chief US equity strategist Dubravko Lakos.
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  • The Real Word: How will a vaccine affect the housing market?

    The Real Word: How will a vaccine affect the housing market?

    5 days ago - By Inman

    Watch Byron Lazine and Nicole White give a real estate agent's perspective on industry-related topics. This week, they'll discuss how a vaccine might impact the housing market and NAR's new ethics changes.
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  • Market Seems Torn Between Vaccine Optimism, Worries About Virus, Stimulus, Fed Lending

    5 days ago - By Forbes

    Markets look to be finishing the week on the fence, with vaccine optimism on one side and a new surge in case counts-plus some policy jawboning between the Fed and Treasury-on the other.
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  • Will the recent surge in Covid cases cool the housing market?

    5 days ago - By CNBC

    One of the biggest economic surprises has been the strength of the housing market amid a raging pandemic. Sales are off the chart and mortgage rates are at record lows, but will the next wave of Covid cases cool things off? Mat Ishbia, president and CEO of United Wholesale Mortgage, joins "Squawk Box" to discuss.
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