• Boeing and Airbus sales of planes to Iran safe for now

    11 monthes ago - By Chron

    President Donald Trump's decision not to re-impose sanctions against Iran is good news for Boeing and its European rival, Airbus, which can continue doing business with Iranian airlines that are desperate for new planes.
    Between them, Boeing and Airbus have announced deals with Iranian airlines that, if finalized, could cover nearly 300 planes worth $40 billion.
    Still, those numbers pale in comparison to standing orders at both companies. Boeing has a backlog of orders that would take more than eight years to fill even if it never made another sale. Airbus has a similarly long list.
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  • Trump decertifies the Iran deal and threatens to end it altogether

    Trump decertifies the Iran deal and threatens to end it altogether

    11 monthes ago - By Business Insider

    President Donald Trump announced on Friday that he is decertifying, but not withdrawing from or rewriting, the Iran nuclear agreement.
    While the president delivered blistering criticism of Iran's "fanatical regime" and argued the country has violated the spirit of the 2015 agreement that aims to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, he left the deal's fate up to Congress.
    "We cannot and will not make this certification," Trump said during a speech at the White House. "We will not continue down a path whose predictable conclusion is more violence, more terror, and the very real...
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  • Here's why it's so hard for Trump to 'rip up' the Iran deal

    11 monthes ago - By Chron

    AP Photo/Alex Brandon
    President Donald Trump may have a hard time "ripping up" the "disastrous" Iran nuclear deal, as he promised to do while campaigning.
    Trump is expected to announce his decision to "decertify" the deal on Friday, according to various media reports. This move would essentially leave the deal in place, but make it a congressional decision whether to reimpose nuclear sanctions.
    It would also theoretically allow Trump to distance himself from a deal brokered under President Barack Obama.
    "It appears to be part of a 'have your cake and eat it too' strategy by the...
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