• Flippy, the $30,000 automated robot fast-food cook, is now for sale with 'demand through the roof' - see how it grills burgers and fries onion rings

    10 days ago - By Business Insider

    Miso Robotics
    Miso Robotics' kitchen robot, Flippy, just became available to purchase for $30,000.
    Flippy can cook 19 items, including burgers and hash browns.
    Flippy works as a kitchen assistant, moving along a rail.
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    Robots can flip burgers and fry sides, and Miso Robotics is selling its burger-flipping robot as the perfect fry cook for the COVID-19 era. Robot assistant Flippy just became commercially available for $30,000 , or on a payment plan, with plans to eventually lower the price. Flippy is attached to a rail under the...
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