• Russia Used Twitter Bots to Influence the Brexit Vote Too

    One year ago - By Fortune

    The U.S. presidential election wasn't the first time Russia used social media and fake news to interfere in Western democracies.
    According to the The Times of London, Russian Twitter accounts also went hyperactive ahead of the U.K.'s Brexit referendum, urging people to vote for leaving the EU.
    The report comes a day after Prime Minister Theresa May publicly rebuked Russia in a speech for trying to “sow discord in the West” with fake news and divisive social media campaigns.
    “We know what you are doing and you will not succeed,” May said in comments directed at Russian President Vladimir...
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  • Russia used a network of 150,000 Twitter accounts to meddle in Brexit

    Russia used a network of 150,000 Twitter accounts to meddle in Brexit

    One year ago - By Business Insider

    New data is the "most significant evidence yet" that Russia-backed social media accounts meddled in the Brexit referendum.
    Over 150,000 Twitter accounts based in Russia tweeted about Brexit during the referendum campaign, an investigation has found.
    Theresa May told Russian President Vladimir Putin that Britain "knows" what Russia is doing.
    LONDON - Twitter accounts based in Russia posted 45,000 tweets about Brexit within the space of 48 hours during last year's referendum on EU membership, an investigation commissioned by The Times has found .
    Data scientists at the University of Swansea...
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