• Geopolitical Risk Calendar: Russia Plans to Increase Invasion

    5 days ago - By Economy

    The EU looks to sever energy ties to Russia.
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  • EU risks ‘wild west' scenario - energy watchdog

    EU risks ‘wild west' scenario - energy watchdog

    5 days ago - By RT

    IEA head Fatih Birol warns that member states could abandon solidarity to secure their own gas supplies
    The worsening energy crisis may lead to EU nations casting aside solidarity for their own energy security, the head of the International Energy Agency , Fatih Birol, told the Financial Times.
    In an interview with the news outlet, Birol said he was afraid that “ a wild west scenario ” is in the making among countries in the bloc, in which they might limit energy exports to their neighbors in order to protect their own domestic supplies.
    “ The implications will be very bad for energy, very...
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