• Property documents for a London apartment suggest wanted 'crypto-queen' is alive after allegedly vanishing in 2017 with $4 billion from investors

    1 month ago - By Business Insider

    On Tuesday, Ruja Ignatova was placed on the FBI's most wanted list, making her the 11th woman to ever appear on the list. FBI
    Wanted fugitive Ruja Ignatova hasn't been seen since October 2017.
    The "crypto-queen" allegedly scammed billions out of investors before disappearing for years.
    A recent property listing hints that Ignatova is alive and still on the run, reports say.
    Listings for a property in the UK may have just located the "crypto-queen" Ruja Ignatova years after her disappearance in 2017. Bulgarian-born Ignatova, 42, is wanted by the FBI for allegedly scamming investors out of...
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