• The EU tells Theresa May her Brexit border plan isn't good enough to secure a deal

    One year ago - By Chron

    REUTERS/Clodagh Kilcoyne
    Theresa May will propose to the European Union that Britain could stay in the customs union for years after Brexit to allow more time for finding a solution to the Irish border dilemma.
    The "backstop" proposal is the prime minister's latest attempt to unlock Brexit talks ahead of the European Council summit next month.
    However, Ireland's Leo Varadkar told May that Britain must also stay aligned with the single market for there to be no physical infrastructure on the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic.
    The EU also will not accept May's request that the...
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  • Clock ticking on post-Brexit flights - EU official

    One year ago - By Reuters

    DUBLIN - There is still a possibility that flights will not be able to take place the day after Britain's planned departure from the European Union next year, an EU official said on Friday.
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