• Shopify's stock has exploded 140% in the last two months making it briefly the biggest company in Canada. Here is why analysts think it won't get any bigger

    14 days ago - By Business Insider

    Shopify's stock has soared 140% in the last two months as many shoppers flock to e-commerce with lockdowns in place.
    The stock has risen 4,600% since the stock went public five years ago.
    Shopify reported earnings of $470 million in 1Q, 47% higher year-on-year.
    Analysts think Shopify is overpriced and shoppers may flock back to the likes of Amazon.
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    Shopify overtook Royal Bank of Canada to become the country's largest company by market cap earlier this month as the stock surged 140% in the last two months alone, and it emerges as one of...
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