• No, vaccine side effects don't tell you how well your immune system will protect you from COVID-19

    6 days ago - By Fast Company

    Is there any link between what you can notice after a vaccine and what's happening on the cellular level inside your body?
    If someone gets a headache or feels a bit under the weather after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine, it's become common to hear them say something like “Oh, it just means my immune system is really working hard.” On the flip side, when people don't notice any side effects, they sometimes worry the shot isn't doing its job or their immune system isn't reacting at all.
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  • Hungary reopens for people holding COVID-19 immunity cards

    6 days ago - By Chron

    BUDAPEST, Hungary - Hungary on Saturday loosened several COVID-19 restrictions for people with government-issued immunity cards, the latest in a series of reopening measures that have followed an ambitious vaccination campaign.
    As of Saturday, individuals with the plastic cards may enter indoor dining rooms, hotels, theaters, cinemas, spas, gyms, libraries, museums and other recreational venues. Opening hours for businesses were extended to 11 p.m. and an overnight curfew in place since November will now start later, at midnight.
    “In the past, we defended ourselves by closing, thereby...
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