• Balenciaga is selling an $1,800 trash bag that 'looks exactly like a Hefty bag you'd use in your kitchen'

    2 days ago - By Business Insider

    Balenciaga trash bag Balenciaga
    Balenciaga is selling a $1,790 trash bag as part of its fall collection.
    The "Trash Pouch" first turned heads after making its debut on the runway at Paris Fashion Week in March.
    Twitter users are calling out the ostentatious product.
    Balenciaga has never been shy to push boundaries, but the edgy luxury brand may have taken it to new extremes with its $1,790 trash bag. Dubbed the "Trash Pouch," the drawstring calfskin bag officially hit stores as part of Balenciaga's fall collection after it first turned heads on the runway at Paris Fashion Week in March...
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