• It's ‘tragic' if microchip conspiracy theories prevent people from getting the COVID vaccine, Bill Gates says

    12 days ago - By Fortune

    "Simple explanations are kind of fun to
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  • Bill Gates said it's 'tragic' if a conspiracy theory about him putting tracking microchips in COVID-19 vaccines is driving people to not get vaccinated

    12 days ago - By Business Insider

    Ryan Lash / TED
    Bill Gates said it's tragic if conspiracy theories are preventing people from getting COVID-19 vaccines.
    A discredited theory claims Gates is using vaccines to implant location-tracking microchips into people.
    Gates called the conspiracy theory laughable and bizarre.
    Bill Gates said it's "tragic" if conspiracy theories about him putting microchips in COVID-19 vaccines is preventing people from getting vaccinated. "The one about tracking people, I don't know why they think I'm interested in knowing people's locations - that one I still have to laugh at - but if it's holding...
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