• Coronavirus Pandemic ‘Could Have Caused 40 Million Deaths If Left Unchecked,' Study Suggests

    2 days ago - By Forbes

    Researchers at Imperial College found that without widespread measures to curtail COVID-19, the virus could have infected 7 billion people this year.
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  • How the streetwear brand Chinatown Market is keeping hypebeasts cool during the quarantine

    2 days ago - By Fast Company

    Instagram Live, DIY projects, charitable collabs, and more are keeping the brand fresh when fans can't shop at retail.
    Brands responding to Covid-19 with emails to consumers about how they're responding to the pandemic has become a thing of cliché.
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  • 4 Major Trends Caused by COVID-19 and How to Respond  

    4 Major Trends Caused by COVID-19 and How to Respond  

    2 days ago - By Business 2 Community

    Our lives have changed so quickly in the past few weeks as COVID-19 became a pandemic. As travel comes to a virtual halt, schools close, and governments react, most of us find ourselves stuck in our homes to avoid and halt the spread of the novel coronavirus. Many small businesses have reacted by reducing or suspending operations and are already feeling the toll on their bottom line.
    As people's behaviors change, their search behaviors change too. We've already seen how COVID-19 has impacted Google Ads Results for different industries -and the results are unprecedented. Some industries...
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