• This 90-foot luxurious sailing yacht features its own towboat and is on sale for over $5 million. Take a look inside

    11 days ago - By Business Insider

    Oyster 885 yacht called "Clare." Oyster/Sam Tabahriti/Insider
    We went onboard a $5 million luxury sailboat at a showcase in London.
    The Oyster 885 comes with its own tow boat, four bedrooms, and private crew quarters.
    Dan Wurzbacher, head of Oyster sales, said customers can personalize the yacht, which ups the price.
    The Oyster 885, a $5 million sailing yacht, was showcased at a luxury boat event in central London. The yacht was built by British boat builder, Oyster. Oyster 885 Clare. Oyster The particular model at the London Luxury Afloat show was called "Clare." The owner was ready to...
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