• Spanish metalworkers call off strike after pay rise deal

    3 days ago - By Chron

    MADRID - Trade unions representing metalworkers in the southern Spanish province of Cadiz called off a nine-day strike and workers began returning to their jobs Thursday after reaching a pay agreement with employers covering the next three years.
    Workers had demanded a pay rise in line with the surging inflation rate, which in October stood at 5.5%.
    The agreement states that salaries will rise by 2% each year through December 2023. In addition, if inflation is higher than that, employers will pay 80% of the difference between the 2% and the inflation increase.
    José Muñoz, general secretary...
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  • Retail workers weigh in on why they plan to quit before the busy holiday shopping season, as the Great Resignation continues to shake the industry

    3 days ago - By Business Insider

    Rachel Flores
    Following record resignation rates in September, retail employees are continuing to put in their two weeks ahead of the holidays.
    Workers told Insider they're leaving due to low pay, poor working conditions, lack of scheduling flexibility, and pandemic burnout.
    "Many of my friends are just tired of it, they don't want to deal with the chaos," one employee said of quitting before the holidays.
    As the Great Resignation roils the retail industry, some employees are strategically looking to call it quits ahead of the busy holiday shopping season. Retail workers who have recently...
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  • Finland plans to let workers see what their colleagues earn in order to reduce the gender pay gap, and one leading expert says it could help people negotiate pay rises

    3 days ago - By Business Insider

    Helsinki, Finland. Lingxiao Xie / Getty Images
    Finland announced proposals to let workers know how much their colleagues earn.
    Ministers hope that the extra transparency will help to reduce the country's gender pay gap.
    Some studies suggest that being open about pay can improve pay equality,
    Politicians in Finland have proposed a bill that would let workers see how much their colleagues earn. Equality minister Thomas Blomqvist told Reuters that the proposed policy aims to reduce Finland's gender pay gap. Men in Finland earned, on average, 17.2% more than women in 2020, according to the...
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