• Inflation Makes Biden Look Bad. But Corporate America's Pro-China, Anti-Tariff Push Bound To Fail

    3 days ago - By Forbes

    The White House keeps blaming Russia for inflation. But to lower it, they want to give China importers a helping hand.
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  • Biden accidentally flashed a cue card telling him exactly where to go and what to do at a White House event

    3 days ago - By Business Insider

    President Joe Biden speaks during a meeting about offshore wind at the White House June 23, 2022. Drew Angerer/Getty Images
    Joe Biden accidentally revealed his cue card for a White House meeting, with very simple instructions.
    They included "YOU take YOUR seat" as well as an instruction to say hello to the guests.
    Cue cards are common, but right-wing commentators treated this one as a serious gaffe.
    President Joe Biden accidentally revealed a cue card at a White House meeting on Thursday, offering a glimpse of very simple instructions for the process of the meeting. Biden gave remarks in...
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