• A GOP senator who was called a 'moron' by Dr. Fauci is planning to introduce the FAUCI Act, which will require financial records for administrative officials to be public

    3 days ago - By Business Insider

    Left: Sen Roger Marshall; Right: Dr. Anthony Fauci Left: AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File; Right: Greg Nash/Pool via AP
    Sen. Roger Marshall is introducing the FAUCI Act, days after Dr. Anthony Fauci called him a moron.
    Fauci made the comment on an apparent hot mic, after Marshall said his financial records weren't open to the public.
    The Act will make it easier for the public to scrutinize these records from officials like Dr. Fauci.
    Sen. Roger Marshall said he's planning to introduce a bill named after Dr. Anthony Fauci, days after the nation's top COVID-19 expert called him a moron. Marshall...
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