• Germany fears Russia will permanently shut its main gas pipeline within weeks

    11 days ago - By Business Insider

    Germany's economy minister Robert Habeck. Roberto Pfeil - Pool/Getty Images
    Germany's economy minister said Thursday he fears Russia will soon shut his country's main gas pipeline.
    His comments were echoed Friday by the head of Germany's gas networks.
    Russia has already cut gas flows through the crucial Nord Stream 1 pipeline by at least 40%.
    Germany's economy minister said he fears Russia will permanently shut his country's most important natural gas pipeline within weeks. In an interview with German broadcaster ZDF Thursday, Robert Habeck said: "I would have to lie if I said I didn't...
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  • Germany says it can last 2.5 months without Russian gas after Russia throttled its supply

    11 days ago - By Business Insider

    Part of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. Stefan Sauer/Getty Images
    Germany declared a natural gas shortage this week after Russia throttled supplies.
    An energy official told ZDF that Germany can last up to 2.5 months without any Russian gas.
    Klaus Müller told ZDF that the autumn and winter months will be "difficult" for Germany.
    Germany could last for about two and a half months without Russian gas if its storage tanks were full, a top official said on Friday. Klaus Müller, the head of Germany's energy regulator, told the public broadcaster ZDF that the government must take significant...
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  • Germany warns entire industries could stop due to gas shortage

    Germany warns entire industries could stop due to gas shortage

    11 days ago - By RT

    The stoppage could be for a prolonged period, according Economy Minister Robert Habeck
    Germany could be forced to close down entire industrial sectors if there is a nationwide natural gas shortage, Economy Minister Robert Habeck told the newspaper Der Spiegel on Friday.
    “All factory activities will be suspended. It will be a disaster for some industries. And we are not talking about two days or weeks, but about a long time. We are talking about people, who will lose their jobs and regions that will lose entire industrial complexes,” Habeck said.
    The minister insisted, however, that Germans...
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