• This is Pizza Hut's most expensive pizza yet: A $150 weighted blanket that looks just like its pan pepperoni classic

    16 days ago - By Business Insider

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    Pizza Hut has launched a limited-edition weighted blanket that looks like a pepperoni pizza - and costs $150.
    The blanket is styled after the chain's Original Pan Pizza, and weighs 15 pounds.
    Pizza Hut partnered with Gravity Blanket, one of the biggest weighted-blanket brands , to design the item, and said the blanket is "almost as warm and toasty as the legendary pizza itself."
    The blanket is 72 inches wide, which is between the widths of a queen-sized and a king-sized bed.
    It has a micro-fleece duvet cover, which the pizza chain claims "mimics the unbeatable...
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