• A rare first-edition copy of 'Super Mario 64' just sold for over $1.56 million, making it the most expensive video game in the world - here's why it cost so much

    8 days ago - By Business Insider

    A Super Mario game released in 1996 sold for $1.56 million, making it the most expensive game in the world.
    Courtesy of Heritage Auction
    Over the weekend, a copy of "Super Mario 64" sold for over $1.5 million at auction.
    That's nearly double the next most-expensive game of all time, a rare copy of "The Legend of Zelda."
    "A lot of people are surprised," the CEO of the company that graded the game for auction told Insider. "We are not nearly as surprised."
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    On July 12, a copy of the Nintendo 64 classic "Super Mario 64" sold at auction...
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