• I flew in Spirit's 'Big Front Seat,' the airline's fanciest and most expensive product, and I don't think it's worth the upgrade

    18 days ago - By Business Insider

    Taylor Rains/Insider
    Low-cost carrier Spirit Airlines operates an a-la-carte model, meaning bags and snacks cost extra.
    The Big Front Seat is the company's business-class equivalent and features 36 inches of pitch.
    I flew in the giant lounger and while it was plush and big, I didn't find it that comfortable.
    Low-cost giant Spirit Airlines is not known for fancy planes or luxurious seats. Spirit Airlines A319 aircraft. Marcus Mainka/Shutterstock Nicknamed the "school bus of the sky," the carrier has been unapologetic in its bare-bones cabin and a-la-carte business model, which requires...
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  • Coca-Cola to stop production in Russia

    Coca-Cola to stop production in Russia

    18 days ago - By RT

    The US multinational says it's selling its remaining stock and pulling out of the Russian market
    Coca-Cola has announced it will “no longer produce or sell Coca-Cola or other brands of the Coca-Cola Company in Russia,” adding that it is currently “in the process of depleting stock” in the country.
    The US soft-drinks giant announced plans to suspend business in Russia in March, joining the exodus of Western companies, amid sanctions over the conflict in Ukraine.
    Coca-Cola currently operates 10 factories in Russia, producing soft drinks including Fanta, Sprite and Schweppes, along with local...
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  • Companies are selling Juneteenth branded products. Here's why that's a big problem

    Companies are selling Juneteenth branded products. Here's why that's a big problem

    18 days ago - By NPR

    Brands and companies are working to remove their Juneteenth items from shelves, as experts say those who are selling Juneteenth-branded products are "tone-deaf."
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