• Improving Guest Experience by Leveraging Contactless Solutions: How You Can Drive Customer Reviews - By Akshay Deogiri

    13 days ago - By Hotel News Resource

    Hotels can attract customers and provide them with a remarkable experience using contactless solutions. These solutions can also play a vital role in driving more customer reviews. Let's discuss how hotel businesses can leverage contactless solutions to improve the guest experience, make more money, and drive customer reviews.
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  • How to Leverage Empathy to Improve Customer Retention

    How to Leverage Empathy to Improve Customer Retention

    13 days ago - By Business 2 Community

    One of the most effective ways to improve customer retention - and thus improve your business - is by being empathetic and asking your customers what they truly think of their experience with your company.
    When you understand their likes, dislikes, concerns, and comments, you better position your business to deliver a more refined product or service designed to solve their needs. The feedback received allows you to make changes, or pivot completely, to retain your customer base.
    Your Customers Want to Develop Meaningful Connections and Relationships
    Many businesses make the mistake of...
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