• Small-business owners still see value in paid ads. Here are their 3 tips for getting the most bang for your buck

    2 days ago - By Business Insider

    Carrie Sporer, the cofounder of Swair, has found paid ads to be effective for her business. Courtesy of Carrie Sporer
    It's a tough market for paid advertising, but these marketers found a way to see results from it.
    Justin Fredlender, the VP of growth for vitamin brand Ritual, said to start with one ad channel.
    Katie Wilson of snack brand BelliWelli said traditional methods like billboards can pay off.
    This article is part of " Marketing for Small Business ," a series exploring the basics of marketing strategy for SBOs to earn new customers and grow their business.
    It's a tough economy for...
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  • Disney+ advertisers will soon get Hulu's ad targeting capabilities

    2 days ago - By Tech Crunch

    Disney Advertising held its annual Tech and Data Showcase today, revealing plans to roll out some of Hulu's ad targeting capabilities to Disney+.
    When Disney+ launched its ad-supported tier last month, advertisers couldn't target ads to specific audiences. By giving Disney+ advertisers access to Hulu's ad-targeting tools, they can learn a user's age, gender, and geo-location, which will likely help advertisers make more effective ads and bring in more revenue for both the ad agencies and Disney.
    In an exclusive interview with Digiday, Disney Advertising president Rita Ferro said Disney+...
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