• Here's why the Silicon Valley Bank crash has made a recession much more likely in 2023

    1 day ago - By Business Insider

    Spencer Platt/Getty Images
    The Silicon Valley Bank implosion has raised the odds for a US recession.
    That's because fears of a bank crisis could distract the Fed from its goal of lowering inflation.
    "I don't really see a pass through the next 12 months without getting a recession," a source told Insider.
    Wall Street is worrying that the fall of Silicon Valley Bank has significantly raised the risk of recession in the US. The chief concern is that the episode has complicated the Federal Reserve's mission to keep fighting inflation, experts say, and the turmoil could be a distraction that...
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  • How the Fed's inflation fight fueled banking turmoil, in 7 charts

    1 day ago - By Washington Post

    The Fed's fight against inflation helped get us to where we are now with Silicon Valley Bank.
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