• How to Take Facebook Ads to the Next Level

    3 days ago - By Business 2 Community

    There is an art to Facebook ads. With companies of every size running campaigns - from $10 a day to $1000 a day - the most successful ads are those that stand out from the pack. This article will detail innovative and creative ways to get you started on your next set of Facebook ads. With over two billion active Facebook users , you have the ability to target your audience to any niche you can dream of.
    To begin your ad, you must first have a plan for the following questions Facebook will ask you:
    Your objective. In order to choose the right ad objective, Facebook encourages you to answer...
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  • Successfully Launch Your Facebook Page in 10 Easy Steps

    Successfully Launch Your Facebook Page in 10 Easy Steps

    3 days ago - By Business 2 Community

    Anyone can easily start a new Facebook page in minutes, but it's not as easy to make a successful page that reaches and engages people. So, below are 10 easy steps to follow to get started.
    Before starting the page, lay the groundwork by researching and understanding the audience that you want to reach. Build a persona of your target audience to understand the size and potential, and ultimately brainstorm content that will be of interest to this audience.
    Moving on from your own audience, it is also vital...
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