• AP Explains: The promise of 5G wireless - speed, hype, risk

    15 days ago - By Chron

    A much-hyped network upgrade called “5G” means different things to different people.
    To industry proponents, it's the next huge innovation in wireless internet. To the U.S. government, it's the backbone technology of a future that America will wrestle with China to control. To many average people, it's simply a mystery.
    What, exactly, is 5G wireless - and will you even notice when it comes online?
    WHAT IS 5G?
    5G is a new technical standard for wireless networks - the fifth, naturally - that promises faster speeds; less lag, or “latency,” when connecting to the network; and the ability to...
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  • Verizon finally launches 5G Nationwide network, splitting 4G spectrum

    Verizon finally launches 5G Nationwide network, splitting 4G spectrum

    15 days ago - By Venture Beat

    The top U.S. carrier has launched a blanket layer of 5G coverage, guaranteeing that more users will see a 5G logo on new phones, but not faster speeds.
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  • Facts aren't the most powerful tool in the event of a contested election

    15 days ago - By Fortune

    Did you hear about the election worker in Pennsylvania who threw out nine military ballots? The U.S. Justice Department says at least seven of them were marked for Trump. Or how about the mail carrier in West Virginia who admitted to changing the party affiliation of five absentee ballot applications from Democrat to Republican?
    Stories like those could be crucial in the aftermath of a contested election outcome. Never mind that the numbers of votes involved are insignificant or that such anecdotes would count for little in the courts or legislatures where a contested outcome would be...
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  • Why Secretary Esper's Call For Light Carriers Would Make The U.S. Navy Weaker

    15 days ago - By Forbes

    Light carriers are no solution to the challenges the U.S. Navy will face in the years ahead.
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